Republicans Circling Election Opportunity

Dorsal Fins Surround White House.  NR. 


An indication on August 30, 2010.   GOP Takes Unprecedented 10-Point Lead on Generic Ballot.  Gallup.

How come?  The Dems up for reelection are dropping like insects when the Raid can is sprayed.  No one wants to be associated by contaminated antennae and legs

The pathetic economy, the increasing jobless and unemployment, the spiraling federal deficit, and the partisan health care reform legislation that continues to surprise and amaze all with increasing costs and inevitable diminished services when more people are insured by increasing taxes.  And now, there isn’t enough hope and change in the Kool-Aid being sold on the corner anymore.

Obama has lost his connection with the American people. He’s aloof without inspiring confidence. On issue after issue — terrorism, immigration, the oil spill, the environment, and the Ground Zero mosque — he seems determined to craft his responses in a way that will annoy the most people possible. 

Almost like fingernails on a chalkboard.


5 responses to “Republicans Circling Election Opportunity

  1. I am still laughing and hope to continue laughing all the way to November!

  2. Let’s hope worthwhile change is truly pending come November, and not just a lot of promises.

  3. “…he seems determined to craft his responses in a way that will annoy the most people possible.”

    Yep, and the reaction he is engendering is going to be the greatest boon to the military-industrial complex in recent memory…

  4. Likewise, he will incur the wrath of as many people in this country.