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Voting Against The Democratic Incumbents On The Horizon

Mid term elections are coming up.  Everyone can see November 2010 from here.  And many are getting ready to vote against the incumbency.  The Democrats and their dismal, and highly partisan performance thus far, has alienated many near and far.  People are rightly fed up with the current state of affairs in this country, and plan on showing their disapproval at the voting booth.

Anti-Democratic Sentiment Aids GOP Lead in 2010 Vote.  Gallup. 

Gallup finds a higher proportion of voting against the incumbent party than in past midterm election cycles, with close to half of Republican voters saying their vote is based on opposition to the Democrats. This reflects frustration with the direction of the country under President Obama and the Democratic Congress — the poll finds 20% of Americans satisfied with the way thing are going in the country. Along the same lines, 35% of registered voters say they are more likely to vote for a candidate who opposes President Obama, while a smaller 27% say they are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports him. 

Hot Air reads the cards on the table.  Gallup: Antagonistic voting hits historical high.  

That probably means that Democrats can’t reverse the tide by running against George W. Bush and demonizing Republicans. They have to find a positive message about their own performance that will cool voter anger and give them a shot at limiting their losses. Unfortunately, their tone-deaf focus on forcing an unpopular overhaul of the health-care system while ignoring the fact that their stimulus didn’t work has doomed that effort in this election cycle.

Why yes, Obamacare  really chafes the American publlic.  58% Favor Repeal of the Health Care Law, 36% Are Opposed .  Rasmussen. 

There continues to be a huge divide on this issue between the Political Class and Mainstream Voters. Among the Mainstream, 65% favor repeal. Among the Political Class, 80% are opposed.

Goodness.  The unemployment rate is 9.6% August 2010!  Employment Situation Summary.  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The number of unemployed persons (14.9 million) and the unemployment rate (9.6 percent) were little changed in August. From May through August, the jobless rate remained in the range of 9.5 to 9.7 percent. (See table A-1.)

So unemployment continues to remain high despite the Democrats costly economic stimulus plans, and there is still a clear majority of voters who disagree with health care reform passed by the Democrats.  No surprise that employers trying to cope with ever-increasing premiums, are now starting to pass  it on.  As predicted, employers pushing more health insurance costs on employees.  AT.  All the Democrats can think of now is Congress may extend unemployment benefits.  Reuters.  Dems may benefit from reading Why Spending Stimulus Plans Fail.  WSJ.

Then there is the severely anemic economy.  8 in 10 Americans Say Economy Is Bad.  CBS.  The Democrats have clearly shown that Bad Medicine Begets Bad Economy.  Forbes.   

Analysis: Time has run out for Obama, Democrats on economy, unemployment before November vote.  Washington Examiner.    The Labor Day Weekend has kicked off.  Likewise, the campaign season before November elections.  And the mood of America is well-known.