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Mother Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel That Learns To Purr

When Mother Nature steps in and assigns job re-description.

Mississippi Baby Squirrel Adopted By Mother Cat Learns How to

September 8, 2010


Disappointing Presidential Performance Per Obama Voters

Obama’s electoral coalition is crumbling.  LAT.

What many could foresee in the past, and many others blindly and willfully turned away from, has come to fruition.  President Barack Obama’s magic and supporting swooners are faltering.  What simply is unbelievable, is that it took this long for buyers remorse to become open. 

Some who threw their lot in with Obama expressed a sense of being let down by the man who promised change and pledged to transform the country. Some attributed that to their own lofty expectations and, perhaps, their naivete. Others pointed to what they saw as his lack of focus on the still-faltering economy.

And some suggested they were simply hoodwinked by a smooth-talking politician.

That is what happens when voters do not properly evaluate a candidate before giving their vote to him or her. 

Best admission of being led by a pied piper.

“What I’ve come to the realization is that the president was an absolutely fantastic campaigner. He was a perfect preacher-slash-minister-slash-professor,” said Peter Gallo, a concert promoter in Raleigh, N.C. “He doesn’t have the skill to legislate, to build coalitions. He does not have the skill to bring people in and say, ‘Come on and let’s get this done.’

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