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Low Approval Ratings For Congress Bodes Poorly For Incumbents

The public hates almost everything Congress has done.  WE.  A forthright assessment of Among Recent Bills, Financial Reform a Lone Plus for Congress.  Gallup. 

This is why it is significant.  Job Approval Ratings Low for Both Parties in Congress.  Gallup.

With both Republicans and Democrats in Congress suffering low approval ratings — in addition to the poor ratings for Congress as a whole, it is understandable why voters appear to be in a mood to oust incumbents this year.

“Pitchforks and torches.”
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More Gallup cheer.  Low Approval of Congress Not Budging, Now 19%

Low congressional job approval is generally associated with large seat losses by the majority party in midterm elections, a sign of potential trouble for the Democrats in 2010.

“What’s that on the horizon?  Millions of taxpayers with torches, pitchforks, and tea bags?!  Good thing I’ve got my Secret Service team.  Jim?  Bill?  Hey, where did they go?”
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