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Democrats Flee From Health Care Reform

As of September 14, 2010, 45% Expect To Pay More for Health Care A Year From Now.  Rasmussen.

Why so glum?  Maybe because some heard how Gangster Government Goes After Obamacare Critics.  NRO.  Critics will not be tolerated, and will be shut out from the health care insurance business circle, if they don’t clam up, and start towing the force-fed line. 

Or, CTNow news that Health Insurers Seeking Rate Hikes Of More Than 20 Percent In Connecticut.  No one has spare change these days, let alone the proposed 20 per cent more to pay for health insurance.

On Obamacare, Wilson was rude but right.  The Detroit News. 

The president, who told Congress and the American people his bill would, “slow the growth of health care costs for our families, our businesses, and our government,” now admits this isn’t true.

Nearly all of the promises the president made in advance of Obamacare’s passage are unraveling.

And now, Rep. Taylor becomes first Dem to back repealing health reform.  The Hill. He did not support it the first time, and wants to make sure he throws his hat into the repeal ring early on.  Before anyone tags him as otherwise.

Then there is the safety net for some incumbents running to save their jobs, Democrats run away from health care.  Politico.  Attempting to distance themselves from the fiasco they very much helped to create, will still not sit well with voters. 

Rep. Joe Wilson shouted out, “You lie!” for a reason.   How prescient it could have been had America listened and acted on his retort. 

Obama Heckled by GOP During Speech to Congress

September 9, 2009