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Health Care Reform Lining Up To Cost You More And Deliver Less

ATLAS: Obamacare: The sequel.  WT. 

The harsh realities are beginning to gel. 

In this waning phase of Democratic domination, what might we expect as last-gasp overreaches in health care?Watch for an overt use of brute force by the federal government to eliminate the viability of private health insurance.

Watch for a new “public option” to be introduced after the massive shift of Americans into existing government insurance to further crowd out private insurance, as Democrats do their best to forge a single-payer, wholly government- controlled system.

Watch for the federal government to restrict doctors from practicing, or possibly even criminalize them, unless they accept patients with insurance paying government-defined rates for medical tests and treatments.

It’s looking ugly.  For everyone.  Doctors and patients alike.  Doctors because they will be forced to accept paltry reimbursements that currently do not even allow them to meet overhead, and patients who will be forced to accept rationed care despite whatever insurance premiums cost.  Not to mention the higher costs and taxes businesses will be paying to fund Obamacare, that will inevitably be passed on to you the consumer.  Everyone will be paying more for less. 

Unless current Democratic majorities in Congress are voted out in November 2010 elections, expect Obamacare to intimately affect your pocketbook and your most personal issues with your physician.

“Concerned about universal healthcare?  Relax.  This won’t hurt a bit.”
Image courtesy of Newssfreak via http://www.freakingnews.com/Health-Care-Pictures–1946-2.asp.