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Obamacare Flowering Predictably

Unintended, But Not Unforeseen.  NRO.

Health care reform, wholly brought on by the Democrat party, and of which they were very proud, has begun the slow and unsavory process of rearing its ugly head in American’s real lives.   Who said costs weren’t gonna rise?  Those who willingly portrayed what they were selling as something completely different.

And if you’re going to ignore a century’s worth of actuarial practice and accounting rules, why not just throw out all of economics and feign surprise at rising insurance premiums, the cancellation of services, and the discontinuation of products?

Here it comes.  Those new taxes that will affect everyone.

Obamacare levies a 3.8 percent tax on profits from home sales — meaning they have reduced the real sales value of American homes by 3.8 percent — and Democrats act as though this will have no effect on the tanking housing market.

Oh goody!  Everybody gets to pay more taxes!  Irrespective of political affiliation.  Tack on some more taxes to that sweet home you are trying to unload in this hot home sales market.

They issue “interim final” rules that change at the whim of the administration and then deny that uncertainty is hobbling the economy. They require that every business file a 1099 for the IRS for every vendor transaction exceeding $600 — a requirement that the IRS itself confesses it lacks sufficient manpower to handle — and then promise that their program will save the country money through reduced paperwork.

Just what every business dreams of.  MORE paperwork due to the IRS!  Yippee!  Businesses are already drowning in government forms submissions.  Just add to it exponentially.  And either bog down the business in paperwork, pass it on to the accountants, decrease the vendors selling to the business, and /or increase the cost of goods to the consumer.  Now aren’t we all happy? 

They add an extra layer of taxation onto investments to offset the costs of their health-care mess and then wonder that investors aren’t pouring money into new job-creating enterprises. No, neither Obamacare nor regulatory uncertainty is exclusively responsible for the poor state of the economy, the unsteady markets, or weak housing prices, but they are contributors, and their contribution is not negligible.

A little reminder of how proud they were of themselves when they passed this behemoth legislation that will be sure to slither into everyone’s lives. 

Don’t forget it either, each and every time in the voting booth.  The Dem’s pride and joy.  The hit piece they are now running away from just before the mid term elections.  Should the albatross hang heavily from each of their careers. 

House Democrats cheer as Health Care reform bill passes

March 21, 2010