Daily Archives: October 4, 2010

Mid Term Elections Shaped By Democrats

Delusional liberal elites are still in denial over Obama’s crumbling presidency.  NYT.  The following may give a clue.

Parties Scramble to Adapt to Shifting Political Scene.  WSJ.  The inevitable result of the past two years of straight Democrat partisan control of all three branches of the government. 

Look who is toxic.

At least they’re gone.  TH.   The upshot of the next 4 weeks before midterm elections.

The focus for Democrats now is not on legislating, nor on touting their unpopular accomplishments, but rather on attack ads calling into question the personal records of their Republican opponents — taxes, business dealings, divorce proceedings.

Looks like everyone is getting ready.  The Twister of 2010: The Democrat Crack-up.  BG.