Dark And Dirty Bars With Lots Of Alcohol Set Stage For Brawls

$918,856 Federal Study: Bar Fights Tend to Happen in Darker, Dirtier Bars Frequented by Heavy Drinking, Less Agreeable People.  CNS News.

Ya don’t say!

And it took researchers 5 years to come up with that conclusion.

“The results indicate that individuals having certain personality characteristics are attracted to bar environments that promote antinormative behaviors such as violence,” says the abstract. “However, it seems to be the characteristics of the bars that are the strongest predictors of violence.”

The researchers also summarized these results in their 2007 article in Aggressive Behavior. “As described most recently by Quigley et al., bars in which aggression occurred tended to be ‘smokier, more crowded, dirtier, darker, noisier and warmer and to have poorer ventilation,’” they wrote. “They also were more likely to have lower cost drinks, a younger clientele, illegal activities, bouncers, pool tables, dancing, and the staff tended to be predominantly male.”

So can anyone apply for research grants that conclude with the obvious?  


5 responses to “Dark And Dirty Bars With Lots Of Alcohol Set Stage For Brawls

  1. workingclass artist

    our tax dollars at work….no wonder we’re broke….sheeeesh!

  2. As always, it would be nice if tax dollars could go towards worthwhile projects. Throwing people’s hard earned cash to fund “projects” with obvious etiologies does not enlighten the scientific community anymore afterwards, than before the project was done. Just money in someone else’s pocket.

  3. Someone trying for a Nobel here?

  4. This perverted waste of tax payer (you, me and all the rest of we, the people’s) Dollars drives me nuts.
    There are so many illnesses and cancers crying out for research money and some ding bat authorized this waste? Whose district got this pork?

    FYI- I was a bartender for a long time- nobody needed to do this research- I could have given them the results- and I would have charged less. When my sister worked the floor as a bouncer there were a LOT less fights. What guy wants to be thrown out by a woman?

  5. Thank you PMM. Your firsthand account would have obviated the entire project. But wait, That is WAY too easy for legislators. They dole out cash easily because it is not theirs.