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Civil Rights Panel Requesting DOJ Employees To Testify On VRA Enforcement Policy

Rights panel seeks testimony from Justice.  WT. 

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights wants the Obama-led DOJ to pony up information on its ingrained pattern of failing to enforce race neutral laws. 

 “Since June 2009, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has sought information from the Department of Justice, much of which the department refused to provide despite its statutory obligation to ‘cooperate fully’ with such commission requests,” the letter says. “Our original aim was to determine the reasons for and implications of DOJ’s dismissal of most of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation lawsuit and its narrow injunction against the remaining defendant.”

It shouldn’t be too hard for Justice employees to get up on a stand to testify about their actions and rationale.  That is of course if there is truth behind the allegations. 

If the truth will obviate the testimony of Christopher Coates, former DOJ voting rights section head who was summarily reassigned to South Carolina after his insistence on blind justice was shut out by superiors,  and J. Christian Adams, former head of the Blank Panther prosecution team who has since gone into private practice after being held back from fulfilling his job, then the Department of Justice has nothing to worry about.

Take a look.  Superiors had everything to do with quashing the Black Panther case, even though attorney Coates was ready to proceed.  Justice’s Panther pursuer to testify on case.  WT.

The decision to dismiss the civil complaint came from then-acting Assistant Attorney General Loretta King after an April 2009 meeting with Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli, the department’s No. 3 political appointee, according to interviews with lawyers familiar with the case.

The chain of command tainted by selective enforcement goes further.  EDITORIAL: No black hole for Black Panthers.  WT. 

Attorney General Julie Fernandes told employees of the Voting Rights Section that the department would not enforce certain portions of voting laws. Mr. Coates said Ms. Fernandes told staff in September 2009, “the Obama administration was only interested in bringing traditional types of [Voting Rights Act] Section 2 cases” – meaning only those that protected minorities, not ones that protect whites.

A little background on the superiors who have enabled the Black Panther case to escape prosecution.  Justice Dept. subpoenaed in New Black Panthers case.  WT. 

  • Attorney General Eric Holder, appointed by President Barack Obama.
  • Acting-Assistant Attorney General Loretta King, appointed by President Barack Obama. 
  • Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli, Obama school chum from Harvard, number 3 position at DOJ,  raised $500,000 for Obama for president.

The DOJ leaders’ political alliances do not help them appear justice blind.  Makes one wonder the DOJ’s legal justification in enforcing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, since reading it clearly shows it was designed to apply and protect everyone.  Not just favored folks.