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Remembering Democrat’s Brand Of Faux Magic At The Polls

Obama’s Lost Magic.  Der Spiegel.

That headline summarizes the issue well.  This is generous.

Two years on from his historic election victory, US President Barack Obama is trying to recover his lost magic as defeat for the Democrats looms in the midterm elections. But he is no longer the man he used to be, and his window of opportunity has passed.

The rest of the article attempts to defend Obama, his goals, and his performance.  This is far-fetched.  It is this very premise that duped a lot of people into voting for The One whose tangible experience begged support for his candidacy, and left a relative vacuum.

he needs to create the illusion that it is indeed possible to reclaim your youth and your dreams, and that mistakes can be corrected

And pigs can fly, right?  Um, no.  He does not need to create any illusions.  He needs to effect change to correct the damage he has done to America so far.  But since that does not seem within his capabilities or goals, nor within those of his Democratic brethren who he strong armed into supporting his radical left wing agenda, then they all rightfully deserve to be removed from elected office.  For failing to represent their constituents’ views in such callous and selfish ways.   

“Shove your agenda down our throats in 09!  And we ‘We the people’ will shove your agenda up your a$$ in 2010.” 
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