Bobbing For Floaties

A new twist on bobbing for apples.

Coming up empty, but enjoying it for all it’s worth. 

“Kid sticks head in toilet bowl.”
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4 responses to “Bobbing For Floaties

  1. Oh my….I hope that toilet is brand new.

    Long ago when my grandson was living with us as a toddler I was sitting at the kitchen table and saw him come out of the powder room with a red plastic cup that he was drinking from. I knew there was no way he could reach the sink and asked the question…hoping not to hear the answer.

    Nunly: “Where did you get that water, Christian?”

    Christian ( obviously very proud of his ingenuity) : “From the toilet, Memom!”

    Needless to say, I had his head over the sink as I brushed his teeth and made him swish some mouthwash in his mouth. I also threw the toothbrush out when I was finished. Ugh….I still cringe when I think about it!

  2. Kids, always find diversion in the most mundane of the house.

    Too bad they grow up and start finding diversion elsewhere.

  3. Self baptismal? Perhaps the kid knows his calling.

  4. Maybe he thinks it is an early Halloween party.