Voters Size Up Past Two Years Before Heading To Polls

Across the country, anger, frustration and fear among voters as election nears.

Travel through the political battlegrounds in these final days before Election 2010, and it becomes clear how much the tenor of this recession-plagued country has changed in the two years since Barack Obama was elected president on his message of hope and change.

Let us count the ways.  Here are but a few.

  1. Economy
  2. Federal deficit
  3. Unemployment
  4. Obamacare
  5. Wall Street bailouts
  6. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages
  7. Stimulus
  8. BP oil spill
  9. Terrorists
  10. Securing Americans borders
  11. More taxes.


3 responses to “Voters Size Up Past Two Years Before Heading To Polls

  1. That was a good read- there is more than just anger out there. And none of it bodes well for either side. The R’s are going to get a “w” in their column- but notice the small “w.” There is disgust with politics in general I think- and no trust for any of them- no matter to which extreme they cater.
    It sucks that we all saw this coming- and watched our fellow citizens get screwed. ALL of this was preventable. Not once have we ever gotten an answer to our questions of What are you going to change and what are you – exactly- hoping for?

  2. Anger and frustration at the political posturing and games that have brought our country down. How long will it take to correct? How many people will it take? It will be quite some time and many, many people of all political persuasions to get together to make it work for the benefit of all. People need to put their political parties aside, and start working for the greater good. Somehow, that big “hope ‘n change” mantra fueled the current administration into power. There is now another change coming along. But will it translate into REAL change?

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