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2010 Elections Signal It Is Time For Change

Many voters are hoping the results of the mid-term elections will bring some fresh faces and positive change to America.  Looks like the hope and change promised by the victors in 2006, did not quite come to fruition with what America wanted or needed.  According to Rasmussen,  67% Say America Not Better Off Than It Was Five Years AgoOur only hope is real change.  Chicago Sun Times. 

… A politician who campaigned against cynicism in politics cynically used the nation’s economic predicament to advance liberal political causes.

The result has been a train wreck: A health-care plan that is increasing insurance costs, prompting companies to look at dropping coverage for employees, and hampering employee tax-free and health-savings accounts for medical spending. A combination of Federal Reserve moves and regulatory reform that was supposed to rein in Wall Street is putting free bank checking for the middle class on the road to extinction. A stimulus package promising to keep unemployment below 8 percent left 14 million unemployed and the jobless rate at 9.6 percent. And, by the way, housing prices are showing signs of weakness again, and economists fear that they could end up being below the already depressed levels of 2009.

Such is what the nation has reaped from Obamanomics.

That is probably in large part why 65% Favor Getting Rid of Entire Congress and Starting Over.  Rasmussen.

Will the mid-term elections bring representatives into the equation that can spearhead beneficial policies for the country, and undo some of the major disasters invoked by those in office so far?  It’s time.

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