Daily Archives: November 19, 2010

Report TSA Groping And Abuse To ACLU

TSA Pat-Down Search Abuse.

Report Abuse During Passenger Screening in U. S. Airports.  ACLU.

Are you the victim of the TSA’s aggressive new pat and search policy?  Do you want others to know about it, who may be able to something?

The ACLU wants to know.  Reports taken here.

The ACLU is interested in obtaining information about the conduct of these searches. If you are denied the right to opt out of the body scanner machines or believe you have suffered from rough, rude, and humiliating manhandling and groping of breasts and crotch areas, sexual comments, and a lack of privacy, please contact us by using the complaint form linked below.

File a complaint with the ACLU here.  All information confidential, unless you give permission to share.