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6 Year Old Strip Searched As Obama Says He Understands Frustration With TSA Pat Downs

I ‘understand’ frustration over US airport screening: Obama. Yahoo.

Oh really!  Tell it to the boy who was strip searched in public.  Tell it to the parents who had to endure letting their child be searched in full view of all.  What is there to understand?

This is not a pat down.  This is removal of clothing in public and a violation of privacy.

Watch the boy recoil! Instinctively he knows strangers should never touch him.

“I don’t go through security checks to get on planes these days, so I haven?t personally experienced some of the procedures that have been put in place by TSA,” he told reporters.

Maybe Obama should.  Along with his wife and kids.  Perhaps he might then REALLY understand what everyone else feels.

Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA

November 20, 2010