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TSA On A Power Trip

TSA is fast becoming a national pariah for government run amok.  Is it so bad to be irradiated  to ascertain you do not carry any no-no’s on board?  Or to be touched in your private special places?

OMG… TSA Forces Woman to Cut Off Her Nipple Rings With Pliers (Video).  GP.

TSA pulls a 71-year old man’s pants down in full public view  despite him previously alerting them his artificial knee always triggers the metal detector.  A TSA agent yells at him, “I have power!  I have power!  I have power”  This when he complains and would like a supervisor.

Intimidation!  By a government employee with a recently bestowed inflated ego.

So why harass a cancer-surviving teenager with a prosthetic leg, even when she declares the metal detector will set off the alarm beforehand?  Ahh, make her take her pants off and pat her down.  Show her who’s boss.

Slam women to the ground for a complaint?  Yes.  Happened.  Watch the video.

Nipple rings.  Some weapon there TSA.  The rationale about safety is distant.  Oh wait.  Could there be bodily secretions on them that could be passed on to another human?!?  Bet there were plenty of satiating  glimpses as they were being cut off.

Looks like TSA has been given plenty of latitude and discretion in how they harass travelers.

All in the name of their job, of course.

Will they be playing doctors next?

“I just had an airport security pat-down and they said my prostate is enlarged!”
Image courtesy of http://i.imgur.com//vRcS1.jpg.

These are not the behaviors of agents looking for terrorists and explosives.  These are agents indulging in self-gratification and power trips, actively encouraged by superiors.

TSA pulls pants off 71 y o man with knee implant

November 21, 2010