Aspiring Legal Eagle Meets One Of The Seasoned Flock

“I want to go to law school.”  Bright eyed and bushy tailed, the aspiring attorney meets with the seasoned veteran.  For the jaded encounter from wisdom realized along the travelled way. 

The pasture is always greener on the other side of the fence.  Wahoocorner Blogspot presents Oscar Truman, the attorney attempting to right the glittering perceptions of Carrie-Ann Fox, the student.  

Neophyte: I also want to work for legal aid.  It must be so fascinating to help poor people with their legal problems. 

Attorney: What’s fascinating is that you will be one of these poor people, except that you will have $100,00 in law school debt. 

Neophyte: I’m not doing this for the money.

Attorney: I hate you.  I hope an asteroid hits your dilapidated house in a bad section of town.

Neophyte: You’re just very jaded.

Attorney: So how do you plan to pay for law school?  

Neophyte: I’ll have to take out a few loans.

Attorney: You realize you’ll be paying those back for the next 20 years, even if you hate being a lawyer.

Neophyte: I know I’m going to love it. 

Attorney: I see. 

So You Want to Go to Law School

October 14, 2010


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