Businessman Of America Hypes Budget Cuts

For all those visual learners, there is a shocking chart readily able to show  the trivial $775 million cuts President Barack H. Obama proposes in his own  2012 federal budget of $3.8 trillion. 

Everything is perspective.   Especially propaganda.    

Obama’s “tough budget cuts” in pictures.  Doug Ross.  3 images.  Microscope for the third image handy.   Click here.

The next time this man is out beating his chest about hard choices and tough budget cuts, recall the images which clearly show inability to balance a budget.  Not a good sell for businessman in chief of America.   

“Wanna buy a bridge?   Obama – I run the government like a business.  And I want to talk to you about some investments.”
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3 responses to “Businessman Of America Hypes Budget Cuts

  1. Wasn’t there a character in the Wizard of Oz that promised you’d get everything if only you do him one little favor. Oh, it was the Wizard! The competence level does beg for a comparison doesn’t it?

  2. Damn, those are some major cuts. So darned big, I almost missed them!

  3. Big whoppers, huh?

    The powers that be don’t want America to see the comparison. Most hear millions, but do not comprehend it in terms of billions.