Gun Blazes For Pall Mall

Back in the day, when smoking was cool.  And Pall Mall was king. 

Available since 1899, the smooth and mild cigarette became the top brand in the 1960’s. Extra length made it even more enticing. Only the finest, for the finest.

Good looking.  Good tasting.  Good smoking.  Pall Mall. 

Pall Mall.  Pronounced “Pell Mell.”  Like the famous London street.

Pall Mall Cigarette Commercial 1950s. Dale Robertson stars.

June 3, 2009



3 responses to “Gun Blazes For Pall Mall

  1. Yo TC! I need to talk with you about this: Caucus Fraud: Obama Complaints Rampant

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  2. Ah, when smoking was considered sexy. I was born to late.*lol*

  3. A real shame that smoking was such the in thing. people have paid for it with their lives. Cancer, lung problems, etc. Amazing what advertising can sell.