Catch A Glimpse Of Nero’s Rebuilt Palace

Tyrannical Roman Emperor’s Home Reconstructed.  Discovery.

Nero’s Palace: Terror in the Lap of Luxury Virtual Tour.

Tyranny knows luxury too.  Nero’s place in Rome has been rebuilt for all to gather and see in this millenia.

…the many faces of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (37 – 68 A.D. ).

Nero became emperor at just age 17 in 54 A.D. After his people took up arms against him, Nero fled Rome and stabbed himself in the throat before he could be arrested. He was 31.

“Written record is heavily against Nero and often describes him as a sadistic killer who played his lyre while Rome burnt,” Rossella Rea, director of the Colosseum and one of the exhibition’s curators, told Discovery News. “In reality, we believe that he wasn’t responsible for the fire. Indeed, his lavishly built house was one of the first buildings to be torched,” Rea said.

The palace, named Domus Transitoria, was an architectural masterpiece which stretched from the Palatine, where Nero first lived with his grand-uncle and adoptive father Claudius and his mother Agrippina, to the gardens of Maecenas on the Esquiline.

The residence was grandiose, but it did not last long. Built around 60 A.D., it was ruined in the Great Fire four years later and was replaced by the Domus Aurea, one of the most opulent palatial complexes ever constructed.

After Nero’s death, subsequent emperors officially damned his legacy and destroyed most of whatever remained of Nero’s first castle after the great fire. However, excavations, begun in the 18th century and continued afterwards, brought to light some fragmentary complexes.



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