Dog Climber Does It With Ease

Most dogs jump the fence to get out of the yard.  Watch this dog climb the fence to get in.

Dog Climbs Fence Like a Boss!

June 4, 2011


2 responses to “Dog Climber Does It With Ease

  1. That’s crazy funny! I love the ingenuity of dogs…all animals for that matter.
    I had three Siberian Huskies that gave me more headaches with their antics of breaking out of the yard. Huskies are known to be runners and you can’t give them any opportunity to get out of the house or yard. Of the three I had, the middle female was the brains in the group. She figured out how to do it and the other two would follow. Try finding three Huskies all running at breakneck speed in different directions. Oy! We finally ended up getting dog kennels with cement floors and a top on the kennel to keep them in and they were only allowed in the yard if we were standing there watching their every move.

    Oh…and the one with the brains, she would always head for the golf course nearby and chase the balls and take off running with them. Needless to say, the golfers were not happy.

  2. Running after 3 dogs going in different directions, certainly must have been a sight for the neighbors! 🙂

    Funny how dogs have different abilities that seem to be contradictory to ther nature. This dog might be able to work with Spiderman.