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Halloween 2011

The ghosts are out and about.

Happy Halloween!

“Scary ghost.”
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Halloween Games At Your Fingertips

Alas.  Pumpkin carving without all the mess.  Pumpkin Carve.  And pumpkin toss without the soreness that comes afterwards.  Pumpkin Toss.   Both at One More Level.


Hacking Symptom Plagues Dracula

Joke of the day.

Even Dracula seeks relief during Halloween. 

Why doesn’t Dracula mind the doctor looking at his throat.

Because of the coffin.


Play Tic Tac Toe On Halloween

Nothing like a fun game of Tic Tac Toe during Halloween season. 

Easy to play here at Pyzam.


Stop Gassing Your Co-Workers

A polite way of asking fellow employees to stop fouling the air.

“Be considerate.  Let’s keep the air fresh.”
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Nail Gun Secures Fingers

Power tools can be so efficient. 

Time for a tetanus shot now!

“Nail-gunned it!
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Carrying Your Own Weight On Halloween

Imagine a marathon race with runners dressed up in these  costumes.  

Amazing Illusion Halloween Costume

November 1, 2009