Pot At The End Of The Rainbow

Golden pot awaits indulgence.

Credit to Makey1 who took this image, so that we may all enjoy.  Thanks!

Please give photo credit for Pot at the end of the rainbow. I took the photo a few years ago and am now finding it all over the web.The photo was taken less than a mile from my home near Silverton, Oregon


“Pot of gold.  Rainbow.”
Image courtesy of makey1 via http://www.dailyhaha.com/_pics/pot_of_gold_crapper.htm. 


2 responses to “Pot At The End Of The Rainbow

  1. ROFL! Looks like this could be a good message to the Occupy Wall Street children- “All the glitters is not gold”

  2. Indeed. “Pot o’ gold” for those who don’t want to work, but just want to complain.