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Democrats Running Away Before Obama Jobs Bill Senate Vote

Democrats scramble to save face on President Obama’s jobs bill.  The Hill.

Democratic leaders in the Senate are scrambling to avoid defections on President Obama’s jobs package, which appears headed for defeat on Tuesday.

Yes, it will look bad if any Dems actually vote nay for the current jobs bill coming up for a vote.   Repubs are about to embarrass the Dems, by exposing those who do not support their partisan leader.  Dems caught on tape.   

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Moment of truth: Senate blocks Obama’s jobs bill.  HA.  The coast is clear.  All the chickens banded together to save face for an incapable Dem prez  by getting a Dem majority, to castigate perennial  blame upon the perceived obstructionist Repubs. 

The bill wasn’t designed to pass. If it was, Obama wouldn’t have loaded it up with tax hikes knowing that Republicans would reject them out of hand. It was designed to draw a party-line vote resulting in a filibuster so that O could (a) blame the GOP for the next 13 months of malaise while (b) claiming that they’d rather protect the rich (the one percent!!!) from new tax burdens than help America recover.