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Friend Shoots Friend For Taking Over Bed

Utah man lies in wrong bed; gets shot.  The Salt Lake Tribune

A Sandy man was charged Tuesday in 3rd District Court for assault, a second-degree felony for shooting his friend in the leg for lying in his bed the day after Thanksgiving, according to court documents.

The man became angry when the other man was lying in his bed at his house in Sandy. The two so-called friends fought and the bed owner asked the man to leave. As the man was leaving the house, the bed owner pointed a gun at the man and said, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t shoot you in the foot or shin,” according to the charges.

Despite a rationale approach, the offending friend could not convince his “friend” to not shoot.  Instead, he found himself a friend in an orthopaedic surgeon, who promptly repaired the gunshot wound to the leg, with a rod.

Moral of the story:  Avoid becoming a huge bed bug, lest the owner shoot, instead of shoo.