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Great-Grandmother Carded At Attempted Whisky Purchase

Look what happens when a 20-year old clerk in a convenience store follows the “strict ‘no ID, no sale’ policy” on liquor sales.  With blessings from the store.

Shop staff refuse to sell whisky to great-grandmother, 92, because she couldn’t prove she was over 18.  Daily Mail

Diane Taylor, a great-grandmother thrice, born in 1919, no longer owns a driver’s license or a passport, the only acceptable forms of proof of age with which alcohol can be purchased.  She was unable to buy  a bottle of whisky for her son.

It is just ridiculous to ask someone of my age to prove they are an adult, I find it offensive.

“I have never been asked for ID before in my life but then I turned 18 in 1937.”

“I produced what I had on me, my bus pass for which you have to be 60, my government issued OAP card, my pacemaker certificate, which has my name on it, and in sheer desperation I pulled out my vehicle disabled bag.

One normally might be flattered by the request for ID to prove age greater than 18, but an obvious great-grandmother appearance might well be a tell-tale sign they are actually older than 18, and can legally make the alcohol purchase.

Then again, if the purpose of the ‘no ID, no sale’ policy is purely to prevent sales to anyone without an ID, then mission accomplished.

Logic irrelevant.