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John Lennon Molar Auctioned To Help Support Former Housekeeper

The things some people will buy.  And for what price?

Alberta dentist buys John Lennon’s tooth for $32,000.  Calgary Sun. A gift to his housekeeper Dot Jarlett, that eventually found its way in to the hands of a record company founder, the tooth came up for auction recently.  Dr. Michael Zuk, a dentist from Red Deer, Alta, Canada, made a bee line for the gem! 

“Once I heard [the tooth] was up for sale I had to have it.”

He also said that he intended to put the molar on display at his dental practice and also exhibit it at other locations.

“Some people will think its gross, others will be fascinated by it,” he said.

Omega Auctions owner Karen Fairweather described Lennon’s tooth as “rather gruesome, yellowy, browny [and with] a cavity.”

Lennon’s tooth is another example of how celebrity’s teeth can be imperfect.

It’s visibly rotten and contains a large hole, Zuk said, adding it’s likely a second or third molar from the lower part of Lennon’s mouth.

John Lennon obviously did not think the tooth fairy was going to leave anything on his pillow in exchange.  The tooth however, has apparently been in the housekeeper’s family since the 1960’s, and was sold to help support her as she is in her 90’s now.  The tooth fairy came a little late for him, but not soon enough for the housekeeper.