Daily Archives: November 10, 2011

Health Care Clinics Coming Soon To A Walmart Near You

Consumers.  Many seem to be driven by price.  Is that why, Walmart wants to be your MD?

Walmart has made a reputation of offering products at a price many people can afford, and profiting quite well.  So then does it stand to reason Walmart wants a piece of the mega health care delivery industry pie too?

Although there seemed to be a lot confusion just exactly what Walmart was soliciting from vendors, there appeared to be some backtracking from officials after their solicitation caught fire in the news.  The Walmart “Request For Information” put out to vendors, in this case through Kaiser Health News, seems to indicate Walmart has a pretty big interest in setting up health care shop in your neighborhood Walmart.  They are serious too.

Walmart seeks to dramatically: 1) lower the cost of healthcare while maintaining or improving outcomes and 2) expand access to high quality health services by becoming the largest provider of primary healthcare services in the nation. More specifically, Walmart will use its retail and multi-channel footprint to offer the lowest cost primary healthcare services and products in the nation. It will create geographically relevant delivery capabilities and seek to drive down the cost of services and products while maintaining a high quality of care. Services will include but not be limited to: clinical care, diagnostic services, preventative services, and health and wellness products.

So as Walmart is cutting back on offering its own part-time emplyees health care insurance, it appears to be jumping on the health care bandwagon.  By offering it.  To everyone.  With partners, of course.  The lovely insurance payors who will be offering health care to even more through Obamacare, once it kicks in full steam. 

Just remember Walmart’s mantra that “seek[s] to drive down the cost of services and products while maintaining a high quality of care.”  Hire the health care workers on the cheap, snag the health care vendors to dole out on the cheap, and keep those customers coming into the stores to buy everything else.  Cheap.  But what will Walmart get for letting clinics in on their lucrative revenue-generating locations?  Hmmm.

So the next time you get sick, why not just go to Walmart and get checked out, before or after you have purchased your groceries, school supplies, toothpaste, car tires, law mower, sewing machine, flowers, socks, or shoes?  Read the Appendix on page 14 to see all the chronic care, diagnostic care, preventive care, health and wellness care, and acute care services they want to offer.

And they’ll do it conveniently, and cheap.  Nothing like name brand recognition.  Walmart.

It’s only your health on the line.