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Beware Travelling Bed Bugs During The Holidays

Don’t let bedbugs come home for the holidays.  The Salt Lake Tribune. 

My.  If it isn’t difficult enough coping with the onslaught of people, descending down home for the holidays.  And landing in a hotel to bunker down elsewhere outside of your comfy zone. 

Beware the bed bugs!  They want a cozy place to lay their heads down too.   They are willing to travel and jump on connecting flights just like people.  Anywhere there is a bed and baggage, bed bugs will travel.   

Holiday travel gives the blood-sucking insects a chance to hijack your suitcase and clothes. 

Vermin.  They never seem to be content staying with their own kind.  They are watching you.  They await that moment to jump on the bandwagon and head off for new digs.  Equal opportunity too.

“We’ve always said it’s not a respecter of economic or social, ethnic background of any sort,”  

 So watch out. 

Some of her standard advice to anxious callers includes isolating the bed, adding a dustmite-proof mattress cover and regularly running the bed clothes in a hot dryer. A clean tuna fish can with half an inch of mineral oil should be put under each leg of the bed to essentially suffocate the bedbugs.

Tuna?  That will be great smelling that all night long.  Oil or water based?  It might invite some friendly cats though.  The TSA agents who sift through your baggage will be very understanding about why you are carrying tuna cans.  Just label the cans with a big black marker, “For Bed Bugs.”

But some humans may just be the perfect meal.  Bed bugs know their best victims.

A few weeks after Christine Van Damme and her family moved into a five-bedroom rental house in West Valley City last spring, her husband and brother-in-law noticed red, itchy bites on their arms and legs. The brother-in-law, staying in the guest bedroom, seemed to be suffering the most.

“For some reason they loved to snack on him,” she said.

“Tasty,” they likely said.