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Frustrated Snake Charmer Sets Snakes Free In Government Office

Angry India charmer lets loose snakes in office.  BBC.

When the man in the village who has rescued many a fellow villager from the wrath of abounding loose snakes, asks for yet a small area to call his own for those very same snakes, it is wise to cede his request.  Lest the wrath of the snake charmer be incurred.

Government bureaucracy appears to be at the root of the problem.  A small plot of land was approved for the snake conservatory at the higher government level.  But local officials have been dragging their feet.  So he decided the snakes should have freedom.

“Snakes were climbing up the tables and chairs. The office was full, there were nearly 100 officials and clerks and many more visitors,” Mr Azad said.

“There was total chaos for several hours. Some people started taking photos with their telephone cameras, others brought out sheets to try to cover the snakes. Some came with sticks and wanted to beat up Hakkul.”

Mr Azad said Mr Hakkul and his men escaped in the confusion and are yet to be caught.

So are the snakes who are still hiding in the building.

The pied piper awaits his plot of land.