Daily Archives: December 6, 2011

Failure To Disclose Auto Once Held Dead Body Triggers Lawsuit

Dude, what’s that smell? Woman sues dealer, alleges dead-body odor in SUV.  Detroit News. 

Ahhh.  The joys of buying another car.  Pretty exciting, even if it is a used car.

But what happens when the auto’s history far exceeds whatever you have been told at the dealership?

A New Baltimore woman is suing a car dealership, alleging employees there failed to tell her the sports-utility vehicle she purchased once held a dead body. 

 Now why would a dealership want to hide such a thing?

“It is possible the dealer didn’t know about the smell,” Liblang said. “What’s not very credible or likely is that the dealer didn’t know it was a daily rental or had been stolen three times. That should’ve been fairly obvious from the title history.

Some history.  Probably not likely to make it a top sell on the lot.  The recourse: sue for $25 K plus court fees.  Because the dealership wouldn’t take the multi-stolen Ford Expedition once used as temporary morgue, back.