Daily Archives: January 13, 2012

Boulder Retirement Home Gets Liquor License

Party like you’re 99: Boulder grants second retirement home liquor license.  Daily Camera. 

Now that’s a retirement home! 

The Academy, which bills itself as Boulder’s “boutique retirement community” on University Hill, recently gained approval by the city for a hotel-restaurant liquor license.

The license — the second of its kind granted to a retirement community in Boulder in the last few years — means the facility, 970 Aurora Ave., will begin selling wines and other spirits to retirees living in its 54 residences.

The Academy opted to apply for a hotel-restaurant license, officials said, because a club license would not have allowed residents to re-cork wines and take the bottles home — even though they live in the same building.

So now residents can bypass BYOB, and just buy at the club.  Talk about convenience.