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Brain Electrical Stimulation Can Improve Memory

Wire yourself up before that critical exam!  Mild Electrocution To Brain May Boost Spatial Memory.  Medical Daily.

A mild electrical shock to the brain before learning a new task may enhance memory

That’s right.  Stick those wires into your entorhinal cortex, and up the juice. 

“When we stimulated the nerve fibers in the patients’ entorhinal cortex during learning, they later recognized landmarks and navigated the routes more quickly,” said Fried. “They even learned to take shortcuts, reflecting improved spatial memory.

Researchers stumbles on the findings while trying to research epileptic seizures with inserted brain probes.  They stumbled upon a gem.

The entorhinal cortex is “the golden gate to the brain’s memory mainframe.

So insert those nerve stimulators, into the right spot of course, and turn up sparky.  Maybe you can just ace your exam, instead of frying your circuits with worry how it will go otherwise.

“Lightning Storms.”
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