Daily Archives: February 23, 2012

Surprise Japanese Grenades Found At Estate Sale

Grenade found at Kettering estate sale.  WHIO.TV

Be careful the treasures you find at estate sales.  They may be more of a find than you may expect. 

Officials confiscated the explosives and safely detonated them in an open field near Stroop and Tait roads behind Kettering Medical Center.

“Instead of having a pin like American (grenades) have, they had string,” said Larry Hyatt, who conducted Sunday’s estate sale. “And it was really rotten-looking string.”

Aged explosives can be extremely sensitive. Kettering police on Sunday suspended radio transmission and told those close to the house not to use their cellphones because frequencies can trigger an explosion.

The joys of collecting things from times past can be great.  Just be certain to notify the relatives of their value and care before escaping to the great beyond.  Or they may just follow sooner than expected.