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Good Friday 2012

Good Friday.  Liturgical Year.  Catholic Culture.

Today the whole Church mourns the death of our Savior. This is traditionally a day of sadness, spent in fasting and prayer.

This is a day of mourning. We should try to take time off from work and school to participate in the devotions and liturgy of the day as much as possible. In addition, we should refrain from extraneous conversation. Some families leave the curtains drawn, and maintain silence during the 3 hours (noon — 3p.m.), and keep from loud conversation or activities throughout the remainder of the day. We should also restrict ourselves from any TV, music or computer—these are all types of technology that can distract us from the spirit of the day.

“Good Friday.”
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Spirograph Continues To Captivate

Spirograph.  A blast from the past.  The famous toy that has beguiled many.  Wikipedia.

is a geometric drawing toy that produces mathematical curves of the variety technically known as hypotrochoids and epitrochoids. 

History.  Ehow.

Spirograph was invented by a British man named Denys Fisher. Fisher was an engineer who first developed the Spirograph as a drafting tool. His family encouraged him to market the Spirograph as a game, and it was a huge hit at the Nuremburg International Toy Fair in 1965.

U.S. toy company Kenner began marketing Spirograph in 1966. In 1967, it was named Toy of the Year. It’s been available since, although it now is marketed by Hasbro, which acquired Kenner in 1991.

Online version here at Michelle.  Play with the numbers.  Make fascinating designs.   No real pins to get stuck with, or plastic parts that break.  Just numbers and math that make nice images. 

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