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Take Your Kid To Work Every Day As A Southland School Bus Driver

Talk about clever advertising.  Here is how one school district is determined to cull applicants into becoming school bus driving employees.

Desperately wanted: school-bus drivers.  CBC News.  Calgary.

Southland Transportation has put out an urgent call for nearly 200 drivers. The company operates 900 school buses in southern Alberta and if vacancies aren’t filled by September, bus routes could be a lot longer for children.

Recruiters are targeting stay-at-home parents, who can save day-care dollars by bringing their kids with them on the bus. Southland is also going after retired and semi-retired people who don’t want a full-time job.

Southland will probably be getting a lot of applicants very soon.

“As long as kids get evenings and weekends off, so will you.
You’ll never take your work home with you.  In fact, it would be illegal. 
Make $16.25 an hour doing what most parents do for free.
Become a school bus driver.  Call 252-9322.  Southland.”
Image courtesy of http://i.imgur.com/ibndq.jpg.