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Food Stamp Ranks Swell By 70% In 3 Short Years

Wow.  Food Stamp Spending Has More Than Doubled Since 2008.  Brietbart.

The federal government spent $39 BILLION in 2008, and now it has shot up to $81 BILLION in 2012.  Oh, just add another billion to make it a cool $82 BILLION projected cash outlay by 2013.  All in just one presidential election cycle.   

Nothing wrong with subsidizing those in need. 

But the staggering escalation in cost is dizzying.  Primarily because taxpayers are footing this bill, and recipients in need have swollen the food stamp rolls.  Recipients that oddly had no need before 2008.  So what is being done to rein in costs?  To prevent others from falling into the food stamp line? 

Hmmm.  Maybe if jobs were a little more easy to come by, more folks would not find themselves in need.  It would also help to monitor the program for loopholes and inefficiencies that facilitate fraud.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. is experiencing a “food stamp crime wave,” as the program is now rife with fraud, abuse, and waste.

As Rev. Jesse Jackson has stated, President Barack Obama should consider it “an honor to be a food stamp president.”

Food stamp rolls at 45 million people is  a very sad reflection of the state of things in this country.  It is a far disturbing that the federal government, namely the Executive and Legislative branches of the government, are unable to turn the tide towards prosperity.  

Business-friendly has the power to fuel prosperity by opening up employment opportunities.  Poison the waters from which business drinks by undue regulation and taxes, starve the masses that also come to drink from the well.  Instead, they will eat from the food stamp line.   

“Food stamp spending has more than doubled since 2008.”
Image courtesy of http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/04/21/food-stamp-spending-has-more-than-doubled-since-2008.