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Do It Yourself Surgical Magnet Implantation For IPod Nano Holder

Newfield man Dave Hurban implants magnets in his arm to attach his iPod nano.  NJ.com.

Technology know no bounds.  Neither does a mind racing to bring it closer to his fingertips.  For ease of lifestyle, of course.  Get rid of those mindless, binding strapping devices, and just embed skin magnets instead.  And then presto!  An easy way to hold your iPod Nano on your wrist. 

That is what David Hurban from Newfield, New Jersey did.  His skills as a tattoo artist helped him muster up the courage to cut open his own wrist skin, and embed the skin magnets.  Piece of cake!  Peace of mind.  The device does not slip off even while working out at the gym.

“Those magnets are actually called micro-dermal anchors,” Dave explained, “and in body piercing they are very common. The tops are actually just 5 millimeter magnetic tops.”

“I took the ends of magnets and actually adhered them to the back of the iPod, and that’s how they click into my skin,” he told Digital Trends.

But what will the TSA say as he tries to go through an airport checkpoint?   


Apr 29, 2012