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Overindulgence Saturday Night

It can happen to the best of novice drinkers.

“Grover’s Down on His Luck.” 
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Cat Calls Turn Into Sour Fright

Cat calls.  Fun for those who dare dish it out. 

One woman’s sweet revenge.  With the assistance of a friend.

Girl Gets Revenge on Construction Workers

June 6, 2008

Kid Leaks Atop Hercules

Pampers can only do so much. 

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Goat Sports Camouflage

Camouflage.  All the rage.  Even for goats. 

Only special goats can wear woodland camouflage so dignified.

“Camouflaged army goat.”
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The Project Is Still In Progress

Ever try to help your man with one of his projects?

Ever been frustrated by the pace?

funny pictures history - MEANWHILE, IN MESOPOTAMIA
“Meanwhile in Mesopotamia.  Noah, is that Ark finished yet???”
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Hand Made Mango Ice Cream

Ummmmm.   Ice cream.  

Mango Ice Cream by Manjula.  Recipe here at Majulas Kitchen.

Something easy to make at home.  Arrowroot is an interesting stiffening, yet smooth ingredient for ice cream, unlike corns starch which can give a powdery gritty consistency.     

Mango Ice Cream Recipe by Manjula

July 20, 2011


Elizabethan Collars Not Just A Fashion Plate

Looks like the vets were not the only ones encouraging use of Elizabethan collars yesteryear.

“Restraint is Everything.  The doctor says it can come off in a few days, if I stop chewing at the stitches.”
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