Women Voting In 1920

Wow.  Women voting in 1920. 

Make sure you keep up the tradition.


September 21, 2010

2 responses to “Women Voting In 1920

  1. I wish those hats would come back in style.

    I live in Illinois so when I try to vote Obama out, there will be 5 dead people counter-acting my vote. The only satisfaction is looking at my husbands face after I vote and tell him I just cancelled his vote out. He always votes early, I like voting on election day.

  2. Hopefully there will be more votes like yours, Nunly, and less votes from the dead. Hard to believe that even those who are alive, actually vote without really understanding the ramifications of voting without understanding the long range impact of supporting someone who is destroying the fabric of this country.

    You should wear whatever hat suits your fancy, Nunly. There are plenty really fashionable ones out there just waiting to fit upon your lovely head.