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Crazy Fake String Lights Up Birthday

Crazy String.  Aerosol string.  Wikipedia.

Solvent + Plastic + Fire = Disaster.  Wikipedia

It is polymer-based, likely 11-16% polyisobutyl-methacrylate and 0.5 to 4% sorbitan trioleate dissolved in a solvent that evaporates in the air and acts as a foaming agent. The pressure in the can propels the mixture a distance of up to 20 feet (6.1 m). Other alleged ingredients are a small amount of isopropyl alcohol and plasticizers like dibutyl phthalate.

To be fair to all, Tom Revelle from Silly String at Facebook, commented on this post.  He wants to make sure that the name brand product many might associate with his company’s, is not unfairly attached and stigmatized to his company’s fine and safe product, by the gif image below.  It is NOT the same product!

The video shown above is not of SILLY STRING Brand Spray Streamer, which is made in the USA and is non-flammable. The video is of a knock-off product made overseas.  Please remove any reference to “SILLY STRING” in this post so as not to spread misinformation about the SILLY STRING Brand.  Thank you.

Got that folks?  It’s not the real McCoy!  Stay away from those fake brands!  They can be dangerous.  And can impugn the reputation of a safe and fun product by a worthy American company.  Buy American.

“He was his own birthday candle.”
Image courtesy of http://www.gifbin.com/984042.