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Ma Bell Telephone Etiquette

Apparently, men had to be reminded in times past about telephone etiquette.

Concentrated courteous attention given to a telephone talk is a mark of respect paid to the talker that is appreciated. 

It is almost impossible to carry on a satisfactory telephone conversation with a man who talks with a  cigar in the corner of his mouth, holds his telephone in a an awkward angle and has his attention on something other than what you are saying.

Frequent interruptions and requests to repeat mar the pleasure of the talk.  Concentrate on what is being said and talk with a smile. 

Corporation.  Quickens.  Telephone Service.  The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company. 

“Also No Texting While Driving.  Imagine that, a time when people spoke to each other on the telephone with the goal of enjoying some good old-fashioned communication.  Amazing.”
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