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Management Style Reflected In Worker Productivity

Why Are So Many Employees Disengaged?  Forbes.

Everyone has worked under someone who has just been a little too difficult to please.  Why?

Put simply, the qualities commonly associated with management and leadership – being authoritative, decisive, forceful, perhaps somewhat controlling, if not moderated by a high degree of awareness as to how one comes across and is perceived by others, are also qualities that have the potential to easily alienate those on the receiving end.

Forbes summarized the qualities in good managers well.

They were good listeners – less focused on imposing their own will than on hearing what others had to say.

They were perceptive – able to understand the sometimes subtle issues their direct reports were dealing with… as well as what motivated them and what didn’t.

They were open communicators – approachable, candid, easy to talk to, available when needed.

They were of calm demeanor – not prone to excitability, able to remain cool under stress. (Nothing erodes loyalty quicker than humiliation on the wrong end of a hot temper.)

They were genuinely concerned about their direct reports’ well-being – men and women of integrity who cared about their employees and could be trusted to keep their word.

Hopefully, those managers who need the above lessons the most, will see this excellent article at Forbes to help them tweak their inner management style, and help improve work productivity from those that work under their direction.