Recalcitrant Tab Seals

Peeling off tab seals can be a challenge.  This might apply to some containers, but have you ever tried doing it with a gallon of milk?

“These Are the Worst.  How to open one of these.
Step 1:  Pull on tab.
Step 2:  accidentally rip tab off without breaking the seal.
Step 3:  Plunge your finger in seal with rage.”
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2 responses to “Recalcitrant Tab Seals

  1. I know what you mean. I usually take a knife and saw around the sucker to get it off. The one thing I really really hate are those items placed in shrink wrap of hard plastic. Honestly, I have no patience with that stuff…..oh, and CD/s. Trying to unwrap those suckers is another one. I can go on and on. No patience. That’s me. 😉

  2. That sounds a lot easier than trying to punch your finger through it. Ow.