Rolling Dots Aberration

Micro rotations.   If you dare.

“They see us rolling . . . We aren’t”
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2 responses to “Rolling Dots Aberration

  1. Reblogged this on theraineyview and commented:
    Whichever one you focus on is standing still. But all the others seem to be moving.
    Some arguments are like that. Each item offered as “evidence” for a position is actually false, distorted or far from its context, but while you focus on one claim and see that it’s a nonstarter, the rest seem real and moving. You have to take notes and go through such arguments methodically, writing down, “Item one: false. Item two: false.”
    That’s part of how I deconstructed the “dark Christian history” stories I had been fed in my youth.

  2. Wow!!!!!!! That’s some cerebral process, rainey.

    How about, just maybe, putting it up on a big screen, say, at your next keg/anniversary/birthday/dinner party? Make certain there is enough spirits on board and ask the audience to deconstruct. Take a vote. Pour more spirits.

    Could also be used a sleep aid. Wouldn’t it be great if you could park your kids in front of a big screen with this thing during nap time?