Three Graces Celebrate With A Keg

Alas!  The Three Graces turn party girls for a grand celebration in this millennium!

Italian Renaissance at its finest.  See the stunning original image here.  Italian Renaissance Art has the fascinating history behind the painting.

The three Graces, female companions of the Love Goddess who perform their dance at the onset of spring.

Sandro Botticelli’s circa 1482 creation, “Primavera,” revived spryly, modern day, by CeHutto.

“botticelli kegger.”
Image courtesy of CeHutto via


2 responses to “Three Graces Celebrate With A Keg

  1. The party hats are cool…and the streamers, but I would have been more impressed if they each had one of those party blow out horn thingies. I might have even expanded it from the original and had the guy in the tree dressed in a clown costume. Scary clown.

  2. Maybe Ce hutto should make it a gif animation with your ideas, Nunly. And really amaze us.