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Cat Runs From Scary Mask

Why it is even possible to prank a kitty on Halloween!

“Halloween prank for a cat.”
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Air Horn Prank

Oh, what fun!

“Air Horn Prank.”
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Bananas And Oranges For Halloween

Healthy Halloween snacks.

“Orange pumpkins & banana ghosts.”
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Saddle Chair

Pony ride at work.

“This weird office chair saddle I found at my work.”
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Gargoyle Relaxes Atop Head

Gargoyle positioned comfortably.

“This must be the best costume in the whole universe.”
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Rubik’s Cube Costume Challenge

Oh┬áthe joy of having to race to the bathroom and shed this Halloween outfit when it’s time to go.

“My mom worked for a box factory, this was my childhood..”
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Canine Skeletal Costume

A couple of brush strokes of paint in the right places, and no this dog is ready for Halloween.

“So I painted my dog…”
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