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Thinking Twice At The Water Sprinkler

Sometime the water is just a little too cold for comfort.

“Baby vs. water sprinkler.”
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Canine Hide And Seek Win

The thrill of the chase.

“Husky wins ”hide and seek”.”
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Old Instruments Entertain

Front porch fiddle and banjo musicians of yesteryear evoke far off musical notes.

“Playin’ music.”
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Modern day sidewalk musician on a Jew’s harp puts a new twist on a very, very old, historical instrument.   Jews Harp Guild.

Jew’s Harp Trance


March 18, 2010


Stress Relieving Cursing

The longer the sentence filled in with those golden words, the greater the relief.

“The Best Stress Reliever Ever.  Why yes Susan… I have been known to use all of the swear words in one sentense”
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Spay And Neuter Services Suggestion

Post holiday tasks on the do list.

“Spay And Neuter .  Davis Animal Hospital.  Spay and neuter your pets and weird friends and relatives.”
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Squirrel Eats Out Of A Hand

Friendly squirrel makes friends with the food king.

Smart Squirrel Comes When Called

February 23, 2013

Christmas 2014

Marry Christmas.  Smile.

Christmas Comes But Once A Year (1936 Cartoon)

December 21, 2012