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Dog Helps Cat

Help your fellow animal in times of need.

“Let Me Help You.”
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One Bed For All

Lots of tired dogs.

“Momma and her babies!.”
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Corgi Plays With Door Spring Stop


“Tags dog cute puppy funny corgi.”
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Canine Crank

Tail cranking leads to lots od dizziness.

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Patient Cat Awaits Treat

Friends conveniently hidden.

“Cat getting a treat.”
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Fun Clacker Balls

Fun.  Unless there were repeated strikes to your wrists or forearms.

Clackers Original 1970s Ball Toy

July 30, 2009

Fruit Cup Versus Beer Stash

Switching out the fruit cups to stash the beer meets this son with disapproval of his dad’s methods.

“Found this in the fridge today.  Dad.  Do not move my fruit cups out of my drawr so you can put your berr there instad of my healthy stuff! It’s not fair to me.
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